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Salami – Wild Boar

Wild Boar Salami Wild Boar Salami

Otello's Wild boar salami is made by using 100% NZ wild boar hunted in the South Island, it is normally minced to medium to fine grain in order to allow a slow maturation and consequent flavour and aroma development. 

 Only Organic spices are used to craft this product. The Wild Boar Salami is both preservatives and gluten free....taste the difference.


Meat Cut: 



Wild Game Boar

Seasoning:    Salt*, pepper*, garlic*, paprika, sugar*, salt of vitamin C, wine, starter – organic* 
Aged:       Minimum 6 weeks

Vacuum pack - about 700 g (Size will vary but you pay by the actual weight)

Tasting notes:    When sliced, this master pork butcher product has a bright red colour with dots of ivory fat and grains of black pepper. It has a slightly sharp taste, typical of salami made from wild meats, with hints of woodland which make it unique. A good red wine makes the perfect accompaniment for Otello’s Wild Boar Salami.


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