Cured Meat


The Story Behind Otello's

Paolo Demonte and Luca Vasori come from Lombardia region, south of Milan near the Appenino mountains. As kids, they were running around their grandparent's kitchen as they prepared all their beloved food and this is where they developed the taste and knowledge for artisan-made cured meats.

When they arrived in New Zealand, they couldn't find products similar to what they ate in Italy. So they decided to start producing sausages and salamis with 3 core objectives:

                                         *  Source the best quality New Zealand meat.

                                         *  Take advantage of the better climate conditions.

                                         *  Produce products derived from the nostalgia of their Italian traditions.

Otello's Organic seasoned cured meats, salami and fresh pork sausages continues the artisan Italian tradition by using recipes handed down through our families, from generation to generation. You'll find our passion is reflected in every tantalising taste.

Paolo has been living in NZ for more than a decade, embracing local traditions, the beautiful landscape and exceptional prime produce.

The name Otello’s comes from a famous butcher in Bologna, the most famous city of all dried meats in the world. He was the master “salumiere” ( the artisan that makes the cured meats) in the early 1900’s which established his shop in the city centre of Bologna where it still is today. Otello's son Ivano became a “salumiere” as well continuing the business for the following 35 years after Otello retired. Ivano and his family are our friends and one day 10 years ago when he came to NZ visiting he helped us to be what we are today sharpening our skills and knowledge further, so this is our thank you to all the family for what they been in Bologna and for the Art of curing meats that last almost a century and is carried on in NZ now.

Despite many people believing that smoking meat is the only way to preserve meat, we don’t smoke it, because it simply makes everything taste the same, instead we apply our knowledge in the ancient art of dry cure that goes back to the Romans , still the same process with the greatest result in a variety of elegant yet delicate flavours.

Everything is made in Auckland New Zealand at our own facility, where the dry meats are made in a state of the art curing facility on the North shore. We are all hands on and follow each step of the journey of each product, from the farm to the table to guarantee the best satisfaction to all our customers.