Cured Meat

100% New Zealand Meat

All of Otello’s meats come from a variety of free range, free farmed and organic farms across the country and they all 100% NZ certified, we select carefully the places where the meat comes from so our sustainable and ethical values are kept intact through the whole process, meat simply taste better when comes from “happy farms” and of course there are not chemicals in it.

Our Organic seasoned cured meats and sausages are made from the finest and freshest ingredients - that's it. No preservatives and no additives, just 100% New Zealand meat, fresh herbs and spices.

Otello's Organic seasoned cured meats, continues the artisan Italian tradition by using recipes handed down through our families, from generation to generation. You'll find our passion is reflected in every tantalising taste.

Everything is natural and well looked after using Artisan traditional methods handed down through our families for generation to assure the best quality available in NZ

Otello’s is the only authentic dry-cured meat manufacture that follow the ancient Italian tradition invented by the Romans B.C. adapting it to the NZ taste by using local ingredients and meats always respecting the values for ethical farming and healthy eating which have been handed down through our families. Our products are individual piece of art, we don’t smoke anything so we can guarantee that each product has distinctive characteristics and memorable flavours, everything is looked after and left to the time that slowly cures all of our meats.

In Italy we say “ Rome wasn’t been built in a day” and so our meats take months to mature and develop into the products everyone is talking about and enjoying with the company of family and friends, that’s why we do what we do…we simply love it.

We source all of our ingredients in NZ and almost all of them are organic to guarantee the best flavours and curing. The secret is the time we allow the meats to dry for and the sapient artisan method we use to massage all the cuts, so we can guarantee that each product has its own unmissable personal flavour. 

All Otello’s Salami and Dry meats keep naturally for a year or longer as long as they are kept inside the vacuum pack un-opened with or without refrigeration, or in the pantry does the job perfectly.  

All the dry meats come in vacuum pack or in a vacuum pack so they are absolutely safe to be in your pantry without refrigeration until opened. Once the packet is open you can place what’s left of your dry meat back into the packet or glad wrap it and put it inside the fridge. The dry meats will be good to eat for a month or longer after opened as long as it is preserved in its original packet “folded back” at 4C. Normally the cut end part of a Dry meat will tend to get a bit darker due to oxidation ,it won’t affect the taste of your meat at all. If the dry meat is left in the fridge without protection it may goes drier and harder, again don’t worry as you can use in other ways for your cooking, cube it, slice it and add it to your sauces or soups to get the ultimate flavour. 

Dry meats can be sliced with a slicer not less than 1.5 mm to be able to appreciate the quality and taste of each different product, you can use a sharp knife instead if you don’t have a slicer because our cured meats are really tender and can be cut a bit thicker too, they will melt in your mouth just like the thinnest slice.

There are endless options for all of our dry meats because they have distinctive individual delicate flavours, they are perfect for an Otello’s charcuterie board or for the most sophisticated meal preparation.